same shit, same social network.

i don’t know what is more intriguing… people who complain about changes in facebook on facebook or people complain about people who complain about the changes in facebook on facebook.

i would tweet this but it is more than 140 characters.

that is so meta, it hurts my brain.

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nap or espresso

every day i am at work i run this thought experiment in my head.

i am tired… should i have a nap or should i have some espresso.

conceptually, nap wins.

in execution, espresso wins every time.

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federal election

election time in Canada again. does anybody care?

personally, I am going to spoil my ballot. feels better than not voting and I can’t actually bring myself to vote for any of the current parties. ergo: spoiled ballot.

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tuesdays suck

these days, tuesdays suck.

as a result all other days look great in comparison.

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how did i miss that

looks like it was one of my best friends birthday’s last week.

it appears that among my best friends, we no longer pay attention to when our birth dates actually occur.

regardless… i think i need to take him out and get him drunk.

and then i probably need to consider an alcohol hiatus (at least consider it…)

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